Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Day In The Life ...

So this is our normal morning routine:

I get up and go about getting ready.

Pat gets up with Tyler, unlocks the pantry and refrigerator, lets Tyler get his cereal and banana. He sits with him while he eats - then locks up everything, and Tyler goes upstairs to get ready for school.

I finish getting ready, and go into the kitchen to get breakfast for the road. Tyler yells down the stairs, "Mom, you look pretty." (Which I always have to chuckle about because he can't even see me.)

I say "thank you. Have a good day today." (That is code for -- don't get into any trouble at school today.) He says, "I will. I love you."

About the same time that I leave to go to work, Tyler leaves to go to school on the bus - saying, "Goodbye, dad, goodbye, mom" as he goes out the door.

This is what happened today:

I got up and went about getting ready.

Pat got up with Tyler, unlocked the pantry and refrigerator and let Tyler get his cereal and banana. He sat with him while he ate. But today, while he was sitting with him, Pat checked his email on his phone.

Tyler went upstairs to get ready for school.

I finished getting ready and went into the kitchen to get breakfast for the road. -- Total silence from upstairs.

I looked through the pantry for a breakfast bar - asked Pat about it, and he came to the pantry to find it.

I heard the front door open, and Tyler was going out the door -- without saying goodbye!

I said, "Goodbye Tyler. Have a good day." He turns around - barely - and ducks out the door.

I told Pat, "Tyler is up to something. He has something with him that he shouldn't have. If it's his iTouch, I will take it away, and he knows that because I've told him so."

We continue to look for the breakfast bar. Then Pat says, "Where's the loaf of raisin bread that I bought last night - and put right there." (pointing to an empty spot in the pantry.)

We both searched the pantry - and searched Tyler's room. Nothing!

So, Pat got dressed and followed the bus to school. He went in the back door of the school by Tyler's classroom just in time to see Tyler leaving his classroom (which he shouldn't be doing) -- going toward the hallway -- with the loaf of bread in his hands. (Several slices already missing.)

Pat calls his name, and Tyler turns around and says, "Oh - you caught me!"

And so it goes -- another day in the life of a child with Prader-Willi Syndrome. It's almost impossible to be vigilant 24/7.

It makes me tired ...

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